My Top 10 Memorable Experiences from 2022

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I ended the year 2021 with many resolutions but no clarity, which I knew would not help me achieve my goals. To overcome this, I created a list of aspirations, set goals and practiced mindfulness to reflect on each objective and consider how I could best achieve them. 

As I reflect on the end of 2022, I realized that I achieved my entire list of goals and even added more to it. Last year was different for me because I incorporated mindfulness into everything I did, which helped me achieve. It was challenging to narrow down my list of meaningful moments and lessons learned from the year to just 10, but here it is:

  1. Stumbling upon a teahouse in Emporia, Kansas and inviting everyone for a morning social before our flight was incredible. Introducing my new friends to green tea was a highlight. Many thanks to the owner who honored my request to open early for us! As the saying goes, “ask and you shall receive” – everyone benefited. I could have spent hours at the airport, instead, I had a great time with my new connections savoring the joy. My goal was to spend more time cherishing others.
  2. Meeting Randy Gage was a phenomenal experience. He is an incredible speaker and a generous human being. I learned so much from him and appreciate his down-to-earth spirit. My wish was to learn from the best and did!
  3. Racing a former soccer player in Leon, Mexico was an exciting challenge. He didn’t want me venturing on my own, so I wanted to prove to him that I could handle anything. Beating him in the race was a great proof that I don’t act like a typical tourist. My goal was to be fit and make the most of that gym membership!
  4. Hiring a local photographer in Ireland to capture photos from the conference was a great decision. He spent hours serving as a tour guide, sharing the history and showing me wondrous places. My dream was to speak internationally. Inviting my husband and capturing photos turned a conference into an amazing memory from that experience.
  5. Learning how to win an online auction and winning the bid for a 100-mile ATV ride with Matt Ward was an out-of-character and out-of-this-world experience. I learned so much from the pro, from writing a book to launching a new business. I needed confidence outside of my teaching comfort zone!
  6. Mastering Canva has been a game-changer for me. From creating book promos to stunning slides, it’s my go-to for professional-looking work. The goal was to share memorable presentations.
  7. Making myself available to help and support, after choosing Tyler Barrett at Mt. Healthy High School to win $1000. He is funny, friendly, and an all-around deserving recipient because of his big heart for his students. In the process of helping, I had the opportunity to get to know him well, meeting my goal to offer value to others.
  8. Learning how to combine PDF files to submit proposals has been a game-changer. Being able to include extra documents, like a cover letter, or organize them in a way that makes sense has been very helpful. This helped me support peers applying for grants.
  9. Learning everything about KDP and understanding the formula for publishing on Amazon felt liberating. I published 4 gratitude journals and have many more ideas on my mind! My goal was to learn something new and challenging about publishing.
  10. Learning to appear on major news channels was a great experience. I was accepted on the first try and am fully satisfied with what I learned. I now feel confident that I can teach the formula to others. Again, I aspired to learn from the best, in order to offer my best.

Think back to when you wished you had what you now have. Extend gratitude for how far you came, thank those who supported you along the way, and dare to set your sights even higher.

What areas of your personal or professional life could use mindfulness?

Happy teaching & leading!