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Two decades ago, Leila left the aviation industry, driven by a passion to teach. In her first year, fate threw her a curveball to learn that her teaching budget had been slashed to zero. Instead of succumbing to the all-too-common fear of appearing incompetent, Leila drew on a lesson from her aviation days—that failure to communicate could have perilous consequences.

Refusing financial adversity, she embraced collaboration and redefined the concept of community beyond the local residents. From feeling like a tech dinosaur, Leila evolved into a connector, amassing a network of 20,000 LinkedIn connections that became a source of support.

The work of her students landed in museums across the country. She actively formed partnerships that extended far beyond the traditional boundaries of education. Her fields of scholarship include cross-cultural communication, technology, and leadership.

Leila champions the transformative power of community and collaboration. Her journey showcases the remarkable impact one can achieve through resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections. Her notable awards include the 2020 Ohio and National Teacher of the Year, the NEA Human & Civil Rights Awards among others.

In 2022, she was inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame. Currently, she serves as an Exchange Alumni Ambassador, a Fulbright Hays scholar, and a language specialist. Having addressed audiences across five continents, her influence is undeniable. From the lecture halls of Ireland and Mexico to intimate gatherings in Belarus, Leila seeks to serve and empower.

She is committed to inspiring attendees across all fields to encourage innovation and global collaboration. With the rise of AI, one truth remains: nothing can replace the unique connection between people. It’s through our human touch that we propel humanity forward.

Through her sessions, she consistently emphasizes the significance of innovative teaching methods, such as enhancing student motivation and engagement, school safety protocols, and the art of grant writing. For K-12 schools globally, Leila’s insights are invaluable, making her a sought-after voice in pushing the boundaries of educational excellence.

“Leila’s message was so well received. She was incredibly kind and inspired us all to ask, “what’s another way?” the genuineness of her presentation was truly appreciated.”

— Laura Saylor Attendee & Even Planner
Mt St Joseph Pre-service teacher conference

Excellence in public education should never be a matter of geography.

Notable Achievement

Leila’s work has been widely-recognized through awards including: 

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