EmpowerED Leadership understands that school leaders and educators serving K-12 face new challenges daily in a rapidly evolving educational landscape. You want to create a dynamic and inclusive academic sanctuary. The path ahead can be daunting as we navigate through the complexity of modern teaching methods, technological innovations, student needs and even staff shortage. This podcast is your guide to the latest strategies and success stories from educators.

Join us to address challenges, celebrate success, and elevate your schools from surviving to achieving. Deepen your knowledge, improve your leadership abilities, and help shape tomorrow’s stars.

Recent Podcasts

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Podcast With Jeffrey Legan

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Jeffrey Legan, Principal at Mayfield City School District. In this episode, Jeffrey provides a deep dive into the innovative methods employed by his district to deliver personalized learning experiences to meet the needs of diverse learners and the

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Lost in Translation: The Untold Drama of the Parent-Teacher Seating

Dive into the groundbreaking world of inclusive parent engagement with our debut podcast episode! Uncover the secrets behind successful parent-teacher conferences and the transformative power of seating arrangements. From decoding the unspoken language of hierarchy to navigating interpreter dynamics, we unravel the intricate tapestry of

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“Leila captivated a diverse audience of young scholarship recipients, their parents and guardians, corporate donors, educators, the advisory board and others. Her message was clear, concise, passionate and challenging.”

Samuel D. Rowe,
Jr. English Language Learners Foundation
Board Member.

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