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Thousands agree that whether presenting virtually or in-person, Leila is an inspiring and engaging speaker who connects seamlessly with all generations. She shares refreshingly honest stories of her experiences as a teacher and leader, intertwining them with proven strategies that can be implemented the very next day to make an immediate impact on the lives of students, educators, or employees. Leila customizes every talk based on your specific needs. Her keynotes, workshops, and trainings are designed to inspire audiences to teach and lead with passion and courage, shaping the world as it can be.

Leila’s approach to speaking:
Leila’s background as a trained comedian from Second City gives her a unique edge in crafting engaging and entertaining talks that leave a lasting impression on her audience. By using comedy and storytelling, she connects with her audience on a deeper level, even when discussing serious issues. Her talks leave audiences feeling inspired and ready to take actions.

“Leila is the leader you want your teachers to emulate.”

– Sarah Ohanesian SO Productive
A Productivity Training & Consulting Company.

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