Good communication paves the way to success. How Sharing Goals Can Help Us Get There

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Communication is a powerful tool that can unite people and help them work towards a common goal. When we share our goals and aspirations with others, we open ourselves up to the possibility of receiving support and encouragement. This can be especially important when we are trying to make changes in our lives or pursue something that is important to us.

A few years ago, I attended a health conference in Columbus, Ohio. It would be my first conference for personal reasons unrelated to work. It was part of my resolution to embrace a healthier lifestyle. To my delight, all the sessions were captivating. I was at the edge of my seat, writing copiously as if I were a freshman in college, latching on to the new mind-blowing content.

In one of the sessions, the presenter was a Harvard researcher who wanted to find out about dementia, a condition his father, also a doctor, had. His passion, work, and data were so inspiring that I was moved to act. His findings were summarized as follows: his father’s food intake contained a high level of aluminum, which is found in some foods and supplements such as anti-acid, and it affects men more than women. I didn’t want my husband to be impacted, so upon returning home, I immediately discarded all the rolls of foil along with anything that contained aluminum.

The next day, my husband replaced all of the foil I had thrown away—doubling the quantity—with a message that he noted how fast the foil was gone, it must be a school project, and he wanted to make sure I had enough for my classes. I was so preoccupied with the task that I mistakenly believed the entire world was aware except for me. I saw in stores that some baking powders contain aluminum and some don’t. I went through everything in the kitchen with a vigilant eye! And more foil kept creeping in!

If there was anything to take away from that experience, it was the power of sharing goals! Once I shared my learning and my goals, there was no more stockpiling of foil. I also learned how much he liked using it because it makes clean-up easy. Our idea was to add parchment to separate the food from direct contact, such as when grilling fish. Ever since, we have maintained the commitment, both to lead a healthy lifestyle and to share our goals.

I took this principle to my classroom to share beyond the daily can-do learning statements. When I told my students about my big teaching goals, they were inspired to share their own ideas and asked the community for help. This newfound sense of purpose and direction was contagious, and it helped to create a more positive and collaborative learning environment. We were even able to run large-scale project-based learning with support from families, coworkers, and leaders in the community.

It’s clear to me that the act of communicating goals can be a powerful tool in the classroom for motivating and inspiring students to take ownership of their learning. It also builds trust and makes it easier for people to work together, which can lead to even more success. The power of communication and sharing goals lies in their ability to bring people together and support one another in achieving our dreams and aspirations. Whether we are seeking support from friends, family, or colleagues, the act of communicating our goals can help us to stay motivated, focused, and on track towards achieving the things that matter most to us.

Cheers, Leila