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Long Bio

Leila Kubesch (pronounced lay.lah is a National Board Certified Teacher with 26 years teaching TESOL in grades K-12 and college. She is TEDx and international speaker recognized for her social impact projects. As a first-generation college graduate, Leila studied in 8 universities in the U.S and abroad. However, she credits her greatest insights to visiting the homes of immigrant families she served, which profoundly impacted her teaching, advocacy, and social justice.

Born and raised in north Africa, Leila was often mistaken for a Latina and expected to be fluent in Spanish. Rarely was she believed when she explained she wasn’t Hispanic and didn’t speak Spanish, so she took the matter in her own hands. She learned Spanish and studied in Mexico and Guatemala to learn about her people!

She believes that ordinary people can perform extraordinary things and that academic success should not be a matter of geography.

Leila’s message of hope inspires everyone, both youth and adults, to think selflessly and learn to see that opportunities often come in the form of obstacles and she demonstrates the method she uncovered that anyone can do successfully– every time!

She is the founder of Parents2Partners, a not-for-profit organization aimed at empowering immigrant student, their teachers and families for the success of the team offering free support and services to any needing district, so nobody goes without. She is sought out as a mentor to university students from around the world, which she is honored for the volunteer role to uplift and support.

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Audio Visual Requirements

For All In-Person Programs:

The Sponsor agrees to provide the following audio-visual equipment for the Speaker:                    

  • Wireless lapel/lavalier microphone          
  • Additional microphone on a stand for audience Q&A
  • Video projector and screen with HDMI connectivity         
  • Power from an extension cord • Wireless internet access or prior notification if unavailable
  • Removal or relocation of any existing lectern

The presenter will bring:

  • Personal laptop with HDMI video connection
  • Presentation slide clicker/remote

For Hybrid Events (In-Person and Virtually on Zoom): Additional audio-visual requirements for the Sponsor:    

  • Computer with internet access
  • Recommended hardwired internet access instead of WIFI
  • External camera with a minimum resolution of 1080p, capable of connecting to the laptop
  • External Bluetooth enabled microphone

The presenter will have:      

  • External Yeti enabled microphone  
  • Hardwired internet access instead of WIFI
  • Personal laptop

Additionally, the presenter will partner with the event planner to conduct a tech check prior to the event.

Leila’s approach to speaking:

Leila’s background as a trained comedian from Second City gives her a unique edge in crafting engaging and entertaining talks that leave a lasting impression on her audience. By using comedy and storytelling, she connects with her audience on a deeper level, even when discussing serious issues. Her talks leave audiences feeling motivated and ready to take actions, making her a sought-after speaker and a standout in her field.