Leila, is so amazing! No wonder she is Teacher of the Year!

— Diana Hurlow

Leila’s message was so well received. She was incredibly kind and inspired us all to ask, “what’s another way?” the genuineness of her presentation was truly appreciated.

— Laura Saylor Attendee & Even Planner
Mt St Joseph Pre-service teacher conference

Great ideas and strategies. How awesome it would to be a student in her class! Thank you Leila!

— Beth Bronkar

WOW! I laughed, cried, laughed some more and most of all I left inspired and full of hope. Thank you for speaking to us.

— Emily Walter

What a wonderful presentation!!!

– Charlene Greene

This was wonderful information. Thank you! Leila has a special heart and very creative ideas.

 – Marissa Thomas

Best presentation of the day! Thank you Leila

– Julie King – WIDA Conference

Building relational trust is foundational to a parent/teacher authentic partnership and high-impact family engagement. Leila, you are such an example! Just exceptional Leila. Every child deserves to have you as their teacher.

Vito Borello Executive Director/NAFSCE

Very practical tips from someone who not just knows what, but also knows why.

Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with us. Wish I had a training like this years ago

— Sonia Jones

Leila is so inspirational and real!

  — Ellen Smith

Amazing! Thank you, Leila, for all of the inspiration

— Judy Gerwe

Leila you are very inspiring!

— Brandy Bixler

These are all very clever ideas!

— Emily Kavanagh

It was such a pleasure learning how Leila’s sorry when learning English and her struggles. However, she talked about how she kept going rather than giving up and taught other students the same.

— Andrea Saavedra – Northern Kentucky University

This was an inspiring presentation that has provided me with tools for advocating for programs and events that will support student learning and growth!

— Tracie Fishman – WITESOL

I loved the simplicity and illustrations of actual classroom situations including struggles and solutions.

— Robert.Samaniuk – NYTESOL

Inspiring. Reminded me why I chose this profession and inspired me to connect with our professionals passionate about ELLs and learning about other cultures in our community.

— MS Tebbins – WITESOL

Provided a variety of ways to engage students in learning, being active community members, and participating in a variety of cultural experiences.

— JanirisRodriguez  – NYTESOL

She gives actionable advice to make use of interesting, untapped resources.

— E. burns – NYTESOL