Grant-Writing Mastery for Educators

I doubt if you are the type of educator to whom this letter applies. But the issue at hand is so critical that I’ll take the chance…

The National Education Association recently predicted that 55% of teachers are contemplating leaving the profession two years earlier than planned. You might be one of them. I get it. With all the budget cuts, educators cannot keep up, cannot afford to teach anymore, and are constantly digging into their pockets to teach excellence without the needed resources.

Paying out of pocket often does little to what we aspire to achieve. Letting go of great ideas because of cost leaves us more and more frustrated. And seeing other schools with bigger budgets attain great things feels exceedingly unfair. 

A child’s success should never be a matter of geography!

You can throw in the towel and quit, like so many others do.  But if you really believe in your work, your missions, and your kids – there is another alternative…  

You can learn the art of grant-writing skills for educators – so you can enrich your classrooms with all of your dream resources you wish to put in the hands of your students.  Grant writing cam allow you to access a world of opportunities. You can then educate so you can elevate hearts, minds, and spirits for rewarding teaching and successful learning.

Grant writing is an asset to any educator. However, not all educators think of applying, believing it’s easier to self-fund than write a grant, unsure of what to ask for, where to begin and how to write a proposal.  Grant-writing is an excellent skill that helps us educators teach our students in a way so that success is not a matter of geography.  You can teach ordinary children to perform extraordinary work.

These skills will give you super powers you have never known: unlimited opportunities, tax-free funds through your district, travel choices (if you choose), not to forget the chance to teach with the best and latest resources. But grant writing isn’t for everyone…


Because it takes practice, even training to think big, and when you do, it’s like once you moved from an apartment to a house, you will never think of relocating to a shack. In education, though, the budget keeps getting less, with more cuts and fewer resources.  Yet they want the success of the mansion with the deed of a shack. Shucks, if only it were possible.

Most educators scrounge, scramble, and stress. They strive to maintain their appearance, even when they are under stress, buried in debt, and feel disconnected. If they could they’d quit, because the expectations keep increasing as their input decreases and support diminish. They make up for their isolation and solo work by wearing more hats and doing more. 

On. Their. Own.

Make no mistake: if you want a side job, drowning in stress, and depending on your principal’s whim if you should get funding, then grant writing is not for you.  Grants require an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Imagine having a large sum of money that your school cannot tell you what to spend on, where to travel to, or how to use all those resources you acquired. You are free to buy the best-selling books as a class set, have the best tools for your class, get that book binding machine to turn your students into authors, and anything else only YOU could imagine acquiring. 

If you want to:

Then you’re going to be very excited about what you’re about to learn!  There is a FREE resource, exactly for educators like YOU.  Introducing…

Grant Writing Mastery for Educators
– a free 6-week e-course.

You’ll receive one lesson a week, for six weeks, delivered direct to your inbox, empowering you to teach as though you won the lottery!

When you learn how to write grants, you: 

In this free e-course you will learn how to: 

Real-world info, not theories or speculation…

I can help you through this process step-by-step because I have been doing it successfully for 26 years.  I taught in high-need schools that had no funding for my department. When I asked for help with grant writing, I was turned away on the ground that it was too hard to explain. I realized that grant writers were guarded against sharing the information. I’m self-taught with trial and error and have written numerous grants, scholarships, and fellowships with tremendous success. These opportunities include the $35,000 Christa McCauliffe Scholarship and grants that started small and increased to more than $10,000.

Here’s a breakdown of the course curriculum you will learn…

Week One: Where to Find Best Grant Opportunities
Week Two: How to Expand Your Project Ideas 
Week Three: In-depth Guidance on Submitting Successful Applications
Week Four: How to Relax and Write!
Week Five: Sources for Helpful Feedback on Your Proposal
Week Six: Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Proposal

In this powerful grant writing program for educators, you will learn everything you need to know to write compelling grant proposals.  Simply enroll with your name and email below.

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I’m looking forward to guiding you through the process of creating successful grant proposals! To your success,

– Leila Kubesh

P.S. Remember the e-course is completely free. It’s my gift to you from one educator to another. But it won’t happen unless you sign up!