Leila Kubesch: A captivating and versatile speaker, seamlessly navigating diverse settings from intimate gatherings to powerful keynotes. With genuine connections, she shares poignant stories on universal themes of life challenges, leadership, diversity, and immigration. Leila’s distinctive approach blends effective teaching, leadership skills, and humor, creating transformative and insightful presentations. Invite her to elevate your next event and experience the unique impact of her compelling narratives.

From Page to the Stage

Craft Your Message with Impact

Leila started as a very shy, soft-spoken person who lacked confidence in speaking, not only in her native language but also in English. However, that changed when she made a discovery after visiting the homes of her students. When she tried to advocate for their needs, she found she had no voice or visibility, so she set out to change that. Her pursuit was successful in implementing laws, changing policies, and bringing about more than just awareness, but also action for social justice. She served as a witness on the Ohio State House stage and ultimately succeeded in implementing House Bill 50 in Ohio to extend the emancipation age of foster youth from age 18 to 21, enabling her students to have a home until graduation. She also worked to ensure detrimental bills did not pass.

 Leila has stood on stages including the Moth, Second City, True Theater, and TEDx. She has served as a keynote speaker in the US and abroad, and eventually served as a TED speaking coach herself.

She is certified in body language, learned yoga for voice, studied Improv and comedy, and is a speech writer and coach. She works to give others voice and visibility and worked to create a teen talk televised show in partnership with the local cable television. During the pandemic, the show changed into a Teen TV Cooking Show.

For her advocacy, Leila was named the NEA Human & Civil Rights Awardee.

Target audience: Educators, Students Grade 7-12, College students, leaders

Learning outcomes:

  • How to craft a compelling speech
  • Ways to connect instantly with a diverse audience
  • How to infuse humor and storytelling to inspire and empower the audience
  • Learn to be congruent with your body language
  • Maximize the power of your voice
  • Finding the courage to speak up for change
  • Own the stage with confidence

The Art of the Ask

How to Enlist Support from a Position of Partnership

We often avoid asking for help because we fear it might make us seem incompetent in front of our school leaders. However, we cannot deliver what we don’t know. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Learning the art of the ask with confidence for help, reach out to community leaders, or expand your network with purpose. Sometimes, there may be great ideas that cannot be executed due to a lack of resources or guidance. By seeing examples of what you can do in the face of obstacles, you can turn them into opportunities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop the skills to communicate clearly with power and connect with your audience.
  • Refrain from the mindset of working alone or feeling like you have to be everything to everyone.
  • Master the 7-step formula to enlist support for to achieve your goals
  • Learn the M.A.G.I.C method for impactful connections.