Workshops for Your Staff

Build camaraderie and help your team develop essential skills for rapid transformation

Enhance Curriculum Design & Optimize Instruction: Approaches for K-12 School Setting

Empower Educators with Transformative Leadership Skills

Elevate School Culture and Ignite Inclusive Excellence

Turn ideas into skills with interactive workshops

Every administrator wants to lead a school of inspired, empowered teachers who are excited to stay in the classroom for decades. 

Unfortunately, there’s a gap between what teachers need to succeed and what they have — and many administrators lack the trusting relationship and positive rapport required to know what those needs are. 

Leila Kubesch offers interactive workshops for schools that want teachers to bring their best to the classroom. These fun, hands-on experiences are designed to help educators and administrators develop stronger relationships and transformative skills. 

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Fun, Flexible Workshops tailored to the audience

Give your team an opportunity to laugh, learn, and level up with an engaging workshop.

Suitable for A Wide Audience

Workshops are perfect for service providers, women and under-served populations

Flexible Length

Workshops can be combined and customized into half-day, full-day, or multi-day events.

Fun & Engaging

Your team will practice what they're learning through interactive exercises and improv games.

Professional Development Workshop Topics

Invest in professional development for staff at with a workshop on one or more of the following topics:

Reduce Staff Stress & Elevate Retention

Unlock a Growth Mindset & Empower Educators

Improve Teaching for Equitable Learning

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Talk to Leila about the challenges your team wants to overcome, then schedule a keynote or workshop on that topic.


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Gather your team for the event, so they can be equipped with tools and ideas to take their service to the next level.


Watch Your Staff Thrive

Your team will go from frustrated to flourishing as you build trust and inclusive work space for everyone to belong.

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